When Costume Quality Counts, Trust Teetot

Does your child have a favorite article of clothing? The kind that gets worn day in and day out? The kind that you have to bribe them to take off just so you can throw it in the wash? If so, then you know that it doesn’t take long for dirt, rips, and missing pieces to wear the glamour off of that favorite item. As a parent, it can put you in a tight spot, trying to clean and repair your child’s favorite outfit, especially when it happens to be a costume that was poorly-constructed, and certainly not meant to last for as long as your child wants it to.

Here at Teetot, we create costumes with children in mind. This means that each piece is carefully planned and constructed to last for much more than a single Halloween party. In fact, that’s one reason that Teetot costumes are such playtime staples in daycare centers and classrooms. They’re not made to sit in a closet, they’re made to be worn over and over again. We want them to comfortably endure many full, rich play sessions. How? Here are three reasons you can trust the quality of Teetot dress-ups.

1: High Quality Materials and Construction

A quality project always starts with quality materials. We order from the best manufacturers and allow ourselves to be inspired by those patterns and materials. Of course, the materials don’t matter if they’re put together in a shoddy fashion. So we reinforce the seams that will be under the most stress, design easily-removable features to make costumes more comfortable, and construct our dress-up outfits with the utmost care and attention to detail.

2: Child-Focused Development

One reason that our products are so beloved by children and parents alike is that we design, troubleshoot, and adapt our costumes to the needs and habits of real children… not dressmaker dummies. Teetot products are not simply miniature versions of adult costumes, because we understand that adult costumes and children’s dress ups serve very different purposes.

Teetot costumes are heavily influenced by the input of real children in our lives. After all, how else would our team know what mermaids really look like, what kinds of accessories an evil queen needs, and what color race car drivers wear? We ask the kids!

3: Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind every product that we make. That’s why each Teetot dress-up is backed with a satisfaction guarantee. If ever you have concerns or you are unsatisfied in any way, just contact us for a full refund. We want to hear how we can improve in order to better fuel your child’s playtime.

Find your child’s next dress-up on our online shop, or contact us with any questions.

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