5 Ideas for an Enchanted Playtime

Children have the unique ability to use their imaginations anytime and anywhere using whatever they have on hand. Even the simplest of objects can be incorporated into their play. Costumes and dress ups quickly spark ideas in kids’ imaginations for pretend worlds and magical possibilities.

Speaking of magic, Teetot & Co. Inc provides a variety of fairy costumes with the accessories to complete any magical look. The enchanted fairy or garden fairy costumes include shimmering fairy wings and jeweled magic wands to inspire endless adventures. Try out some of the following activities for fairy princess themed parties or play.

Fairy Garden

Help your child plan and create an enchanted fairy garden. Find a small box or container and fill it with grass, soil or twigs and then decorate the garden with toadstools, seashells, moss, or flowers. Some of these decorations can be discovered in your own yard, like leaves, pinecones, and pebbles. Craft stores also have a wide selection of miniature animal figurines and natural elements. Create a fairy destination as elaborate or as simple as your child desires and use small fairy dolls that can play in the garden.

Fairy Scavenger Hunt

There are many things to discover in an enchanted forest! You can find a variety of scavenger hunt ideas and lists online or create your own. Include items commonly found in nature, like leaves, rocks, or pinecones. You can also hide other fun things to find; buttons, a spool, a bell, fake gold coins, or jewels. Make a list of scavenger hunt items to find and give your fairy a small basket or bag to gather them.

Fairy Books

If your child loves fairies and loves to read, introduce her to the Rainbow Magic book series. The books follow two young girls who have adventures with their fairy friends. The series is juvenile fiction and has over 200 books.

Fairy Hideout

Make a magical fairy hideout by setting up a small tent for your fairy to play in. Adorn it with twinkle lights, soft fabrics, and fake flowers. After granting wishes and chasing dragonflies, it’s the perfect place for your enchanted fairy to hide her pixie dust and magic jewels or hang out and read with friendly forest critters.

Fairy Crafts

Crafts can add to the fairy experience and are fun projects to do together. Find a mini thumbprint cookie recipe to bake together or add glitter to play-dough for some sparkly fun. Get a cheap tiara from any party supply store and adorn it with jewels, shells, or feathers. Make ribbon dancers and compile a fairy dance music playlist to get in the mood.

Having a variety of costumes and different accessories helps to fuel the creation of imaginative characters and scenarios. Teetot’s Pixies and Fairies Dress Up Chest supplies a small collection of fairy attire and accessories for a magical playtime. Teetot guarantees durable fabrication for when, inevitably, the costume becomes your child’s favorite thing to wear.

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