Amazing Facts About SWAT Teams and Their Uniforms

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Our SWAT team costume is a huge fan favorite, and for good reason! Swat team officers are real-life heroes, braving the most dangerous situations to restore order and rescue those in need. SWAT officers confront the most challenging field conditions, so they need to be prepared for any eventuality. That’s why their gear is so important.


What Does SWAT Mean?

SWAT is an acronym that stands for Special Weapons and Tactics unit. It was originally pitched as the Special Weapons Attack Team, but that name quickly changed as it became clear that the priority was containment and negotiation, rather than attack. 

How Did SWAT Start?

The idea of a specialized team arose in the late 1960’s as a response to the Watts Riot in Los Angeles. During the time, there were a number of sniper incidents against police officers. Local law enforcement quickly realized that adding more officers wouldn’t be efficient use of resources. Instead, it was proposed that they create a highly-trained unit who could quickly respond with precision and discipline. Their military-style training and advanced gear would allow them to confront challenges that no one else could. By the 1970’s, this special team came into being and was quickly adopted by law enforcement around the country.

What Do SWAT Officers Do?

SWAT teams specialize in many challenging situations. For one thing, they handle hostage situations, where highly trained negotiators defuse situations and save civilian lives. SWAT teams are especially good at entering dangerous places in order to catch whole rings of bad guys. They often operate covertly and subtly, making it past security measures that criminals have in place like safes, locks, alarms, scouts, and even rigged explosives.

What Do Real-Life SWAT Teams Wear?

Some of the most advanced and exciting technology is used by SWAT teams around the country. The uniform’s first job is to protect and identify SWAT officers, while also allowing them to move smoothly and quietly. SWAT uniforms usually include bulletproof shielding and fireproof elements. 

The best part of SWAT gear, though, is the cool gadgets that officers use. This can include robots, specialized bullet-proof vehicles, grappling hooks, and advanced communication equipment. They might wear gas masks to withstand chemical attacks, or night-vision goggles to get an advantage in low visibility situations. SWAT gear may include rappelling gloves and rope, breacher tape, lasers that help them find tripwires, and landmine probes. 

Teetot’s Amazing SWAT Costume

Teetot’s SWAT costume will make your child feel like he’s diving right into the action. With the clearly visible label and badge, civilians will feel safe and protected. The many pockets allow your special agent to store his advanced equipment. The shoulder radio keeps him in touch with his team and the binoculars allow him to scout out danger.

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